Fiat 500 DTM Rear Bumper Add On

Fiat 500 DTM Rear Bumper Add On
Fiat 500 DTM Rear Bumper Add On
Product Code: Fiat 500 DTM Rear Bumper Add On
Availability: Manufacturing 3-5 weeks
Price: $395.00
Estimated Shipping in 48 Continental States: $95.00

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* Finish:

This Fiat 500 DTM Rear Add On Diffuser will fit ALL fit 500 POP MODELS.  All our DTMFiberWerkz aerodynamics are made here in USA in FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic)  finish. These parts are more durable and have more flexability than your standard fiberglass parts.

Can be made with either left exhaust outlet, Dual exhaust outlet or center exhaust!

Finish: FRP ( Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

Additional info:

 -Customize your car with this DTM Style rear add on diffuser. Body kits are a great way to make your Fiat stand out from the crowd and become a real show stopper. But don't stop with front bumpers and lips, we offer more parts categories to choose from, exterior parts, interior parts, performance parts and more!

-DTMFiberWerkz FRP aerodynamics combine fiberglass and flex resins to obtain its unique flexible and durable features. Our FRP technology obtains a much higher durability rate than the average fiberglass product, resulting in reduced  damages up to 75%. Our FRP products feature a white gelcoat finish. This revolutionary product allows you to receive a premium fiberglass product at an affordable price. Due to high consumer demand, our entire Product line has been converted to the new FRP technology.

-Cars depicted are highly modified for show which may include molding or adding to the original piece. Parts such as lights, splitters, canards, paint, and others accessories are not included unless specified in the product description. Please read conditions of use.